Roslynn Mahe_my latest fixation since the Manu

I've been following this singer from New Zealand of Samoan and Tongan descent who's competing in the Avon Voices competition. Her name's Roslynn Mahe and has an amazing voice. So she's now in the final, the competition has been going for months now and I normally just log on to the Avon page when I see the updates on facebook, vote for her and leave cos we islanders do that choo hooo. 
Just tonight I decided to have a look at the competition or who Ms Mahe was up against. And ummm yeah I wasted my time ha! They were nowhere as good as this Pacific contestant I tell ya. But that is my humble opinion and others might feel otherwise. OK so I watched four others and went bleh halfway through their songs, one lady was too jerky almost twitch like...eek, one destroyed the 'natural woman' song, and one was in a too tight pink dress and tried a bit too hard. Now don't go have a look because you might just agree with me! 
Roslynn Mahe however, when I heard of her I watched some of her videos on you tube. She competed I think in NZ's got talent or one of those and didn't win but having watched those videos and where she's at now in the Avon Competition, she has got to win this. She keeps her movements to a minimum and just let her voice do the talking. The way I'm going on about this lady, you'd think she was my sister! Well I hope she sees this blog and throw some avon products over this-a-way, yeah right. An interesting aspect I noticed though with all the contestants is they were so well presented, obviously promotion for Avon products(if you're into the barbie-sleek look) there wasn't a hair out of place and the singers looked almost scared to move too much in case their hair ruffled or lippy came off! The stage was also quite small which I guess restricts the girls moves. Go over there and vote for her if you have the time, I think you can cast more than one vote and ummm don't waste your internet time on the others lol


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