Rugby Party for Hubby_Dearest

I've been planning hubby's birthday bash this Friday. The theme being Rugby for obvious reasons. OK so I planned this before the world cup started and well here we are on the eve of it and there are only 4 teams left at the World Cup! So I knew this was going to happen and tried not to put too many eggs in one basket but I thought I'd risk it and order a NZ table flag for every other country represented hoping that at least they make it through to the semis. I have enough big Samoan flags to drown out the rest plus the party website didn't do Samoan table flags...baskets. 
Anyhoo very exciting and I've been at the shops all week to buy the right stuff and make sure I don't leave anything out. I looked for a caterer to do a BBQ set up but unfortunately in this case we live in a city full of Indian restaurants that most of the places I asked offered to do samosas, spring rolls... and mains would be curries...umm no thanks. So in the end master chef birthday boy said thanks but he'd rather cook the food! Dilemma? you may ask, well not really. In the end we were going to pay someone to come do a BBQ that hubby aces every time and I guess being the alpha_male he is, he does not like his grill being messed with. So today we went to buy the meat, enough to feed Manono Island I tell ya but hey, who am I to stand in the way of the chef and his artwork...yep yep, and that's how I sleep at night!
I went over to the supermarket to meet hubby to buy the meat and as I limped my way through the aisles to him he looked at me with worry and big concerned eyes. "What's wrong?" he asked. "With what?" Then I realised I was limping!
So I woke up with a sore Achilles' heel this morning and by the time I dropped my son off to school I couldn't walk straight. So an hour later when I saw the hubster I was fully limping by then. He kept saying that I should go straight home to elevate my leg and not move and I had to see the doctor who might put a cast or bandage of sorts to restrict movement. I'm like what the heck? Oh and then he made a joke that maybe it was sympathy for the Manu that I now have an athlete's injury...yeah okay! bahaha. I tell ya he's a fiamalie joker sometimes. 
I went to the doctor and he said to rest for a day(yeah right) the party's in 2 days and then it should heal slowly but surely but I must give it a rest. Ummm I'll rest when I'm dead mate. 
Tomorrow two very anticipated guests arrive so can't wait. I'm sure it's my birthday. I managed to clean out the front yard and hubby emptied the above-ground pool so we have the whole front yard available for the party. It's going to be goooood. 


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