The Orator-What my Orator Mum thinks

I can't wait to see this movie. So my sister FJ was planning to take our mum to see The Orator next week when she goes over to visit H-Town and she feared mum might sleep through the movie. And I wondered about that too, Mum is an orator for/in our family and is so well-versed in the Samoan culture that she is a tricky one to please.
I just got off the phone with Mum in Samoa and she happily informed me that she had been to the premier of The Orator movie in Apia last week and....: 
What a fantastic movie it was! I kept prodding why she thought it was so good and she said to her it got the message across that in our culture whether you're big or small or however you look like when you can speak or orate then everyone looks past that and see only the Orator, as the message is brought across with a gift that only an orator has. She also said that the movie was well made and to the point, no gasu and overdoing. There it is, now I just wish I open the paper tomorrow and it tells me that the movie is showing down at Shatti Cinemas our local theatres:( The Orator has been entered for an Oscar nomination in the foreign film category and I hope it gets nominated and win the award. Great effort by Mr. Tusi Tamasese. Samoan born producer/director. 


Goddess said…
yup, and youll be impressed, heapsof samoan groups and aulotus are going to screenings across the country, accroding 2 the radio...exciting.
Betty said…
Ever since seeing the trailer, I've been dying to see it! Wish they were showing it here as well, DVD hurry up! Nice to hear mum's opinion on the movie because as the real deal she has a front row seat!

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