Two weeks ago I had a supermum day. I've been wanting to make pizza from scratch and finally attempted it and it came out really well. My 3 year old loved it and of course enjoyed helping me make the dough. Hubby was impressed and it takes a lot to impress the Master Chef himself heh. I had this fat free cheese cake recipe for ages and finally have all the ingredients and made it right after the pizza. I'd never attempted cheese cake before and never thought I would but I'm trying to lose weight and miss my sweet treats so tried to make this fat free no sugar cheese cake to get me through the tough days. Well big pat on the back for this first timer, if I may say so myself the cheese cake was purrrfect. OK this one doesn't allow for a crust, only the cheese part and boy it came out with great consistency. I love cheese cake I guess the low fat version ain't too bad.

I dislike the new settings on facebook. It was fantastic just before they screwed it up. Now I only see certain people's updates and not the usual suspects, irritating. I need to stick to real life and less on social networks, really, but it's just so interesting lol. Crap we'll see what happens.

Samoa vs SA
Today Tau and I just got back from Dubai. We flew up on Thursday to watch the game with the Samoan crew up in UAE. Early morning I was dressed in my blue shirt and helped our hostess with the sandwiches and all. Everyone started arriving just before the game and one of our Aussie friends came with her South African partner. I mean what a brave guy to come to a Samoan household to watch the game! Of course he was obviously confident in his team and especially when the ref was going to help out as well. aaargh. Gosh my heart went out to our boys, with their frustration, the SA team I must say were playing off the ball tactics to irritate and frustrate our boys, knowing full well that island tempers can't be contained for too long and they succeeded. However it didn't help that the referee treated Mahonri Schwalger like a kid instead of talking to him like a grown man. That was just sad to watch. There are a few articles about this how the IRB really don't care less about the Tier 2 nations. I mean as they had planned now the Top 8 Tier 1 nations are through to the quarters and complete the IRB preferred Rugby World Cup. ugh. BUT I was just soooo proud of our boys and the way they played and held the world champions back. Just awesome. Well done Manu Samoa. Now we have four years for SRU to get it together and not fundraise on the eve of 2015 as seems to be the norm. Ia over and out I'm off to bed, it's late and once more I feel sick and my son has school tomorrow. Good night and Good luck


Goddess said…
get some rest - youre probably burnt out as well with the late night in dxb and all.....and rest up so you can come here already!!! no pressure (: love u three

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