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Kate Middleton and Prince William in Tav

So we from the Pacific love this label Tav. It is owned by Cook Islander Elena Taveoni and she's been selling it in Raro and Samoa in Janet's Boutique store. The latests store opened in Auckland and I must admit I've visited this new store every time I was in town browsing the sale rack:) They are not cheap but the quality and the workmanship on the clothing is well-worth the buy. And if you're my friend on facebook you would see I wear my beloved Tavs all the time. So it's lovely to see the Duchess looking comfortable and fabulous in what we Pacific women love to wear. Great day for the Tav Stores across the Pacific. I hope it won't make the prices go higher as they're hefty as it is!

News in the ME

I said to the hubby that we should have a party next month as it's been a bit quiet lately since the last party. He said we shouldn't and we should keep a low profile for awhile in light of what's happening.
 I asked what's happening? And he informed me of the protests going on around the ME to do with that anti-Muslim movie some idiotic people filmed in the US. I quickly switched to the news channel and read online and yep was I in the dark about it all!!! And then I understood why I'd been getting messages from people concerned about us. I've been so busy with my son starting at a new school and getting stuff together that I hadn't really paid attention to the news! Well having said that, nothing shocking is happening around us thus far and hope it stays that way.

My Birthday

I woke up to a text from one of my friends to meet her for coffee after kids drop off. School started this week so having free hours in the morning is all a novelty once more for me. I texted back yes. Hubby got up to say happy birthday and went back to bed as he worked late the night before.
I met my friend at a cafe where I could have breakfast. I had decided my birthday was going to be a non-event as the surprise party was my focus. I texted my bestie that we were at our favourite cafe if they wanted to join us for coffee. They showed up with big smiles wishing me a happy birthday. I felt so bad when the friend I was having coffee with looked up in shock and embarrassment that I hadn't informed her about it. Well what was I gonna say guess what "it's my birthday!!! We had a nice breakfast and then I offered to take my friend's sister to the souk. The souk is the beautiful market place in Muttrah the old capital of Oman which is in Muscat. I hadn't been there is …

Surprise Party

My bestie has had her last chemo-treatment and has been given the all clear of breast cancer to our utter relief, however she still has a year of a herceptin to go. The worst is over thank God for that. So to celebrate her surviving this ordeal and her birthday in one go we decided to organise a surprise party for her. Her hubby was in on it and he wanted to do it at their house as he had just installed an outdoor bar for entertaining. And so we planned. We finalised a date that most people were available on which is flaming hard when most people are on rosters... but the final and most difficult task was getting her out of her own house and then to sneak her kids to mine for the night. 
In the end another friend invited them over for drinks before going out to dinner. Her sister was visiting also so they went off and we took the kids home with the sitter. It was crazy. Once she left the house, friends and I rushed over there and set up the house and garden for the party with her hubby…

1 September

First day of my birth month! Just gets me excited lol. I've received my electronic present already from hubby so I'm a happy b'day girl. However I still expect a little love on my birthday. Weird much? maybe but I'm sure millions of people are like that. Thank goodness for facebook that make people feel extra special with the birthday reminders that make people receive so many birthday wishes. I have to admit I'm one of those suckers that just love those messages from family, close friends and not-so-close friends. Ia lava ga kuluku.