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Tuesday, April 29, 2008


I'm lying on my side(the only possible position lately) in bed trying to type which is not easy. At this very moment baby is moving around a lot. I think baby's telling me to stop it already and go to sleep. It's raining outside which is music to my ears(from the desert) and am looking forward to a good night's sleep to that beautiful sound. Rain on the roof is one of the sounds I miss a lot being in Oman. In Samoa with the corrugated iron roofing the rain drums down on the roof and it just lulls one to sleep. I missed that. Though the rain isn't as loud here but it sure beats not hearing it at all. Moreover the weather has been very pleasant here in Hamilton. It's been warm since yesterday. Last night it was so warm it was unusual. I went for my walk today with my cousin and my baby niece.
My gorgeous niece is at the stage where she's learning things. I've been trying to teach her to do the Samoan siva...yep trust me to teach an 11 month old to dance. Anyway today we saw the first signs that she's learning. It's just so captivating watching her try to discern what we're doing. You could see the wheels doing a 1000KM an hour in there. At first we could see she was trying to move her little fingers...let's face it the siva isn't exactly easy but then today it's like it all added up in her head and she raised her arms and moved them from side to side and better yet tried to sing along with us too. It's just so rewarding and beautiful to watch her do these things. Her 1st birthday is coming up this Saturday and we've been trying to teach her also the action of blowing a candle. I mean when kids have birthdays everyone yells at the child on their birthday to blow their candles when of course the poor things had never done or seen the action being done before. But little kids or the sponges that they are just need to be taught the action.(cos I'm the instant expert on the She's such a fasst learner too. She's a pleasant little princess.
OK my own little blessing is moving around a lot now and my back is killing me as I'm now sitting with nothing to lean to so it ain't comfortable. I better say good night ma ia manuia le po. Until next time.

One word answers

One Word Answers (Doing this for Nets)

You're feeling: sleepy

To your left: pillows

On your mind: baby

Last meal included: ice-cream

You sometimes find it hard to: sleep

The weather: raining

Something you have a collection of: shot-glasses

A smell that cheers you up: LightBlue

A smell that can ruin your mood: vomit

How long since you last shaved: days

The current state of your hair: tame

The largest item on your desk/workspace (not computer): printer

Your skill with chopsticks: good

Which section you head for first in a bookstore: thriller

Something you're craving: pavlova

Your general thoughts on the presidential race: propaganda

How many times have you been hospitalised this year: none

Favourite place to go for a quiet moment: bedroom

You've always secretly thought you'd be a good: actress

Something that freaks you out a little: abuse

Something you've eaten too much of lately: donuts

You have have never: sky-dove

You never want to: hate

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Monday, April 28, 2008

35 weeks and counting

Baby Maeva and I. Maeva likes to look at my tummy and has learnt to kiss baby!!! Sometimes she slaps it but I know to stop her hand before doing so lol.

Yep pretty big.

The cutie pie and her cheeky smile. She really brightens the day and is just such a joy. She's such a contented child.

Not long to go now before the birth of baby. I'm huge now it's just amazing. I can't walk for long anymore. I try to walk around the block every day though to stay fit.

Friday, April 25, 2008


Wilhelmus, Gui and Alex cooking the bbq

Cooking, drinking and eating first...hmmmm

Jody, Cassandrae and baby Maeva

Lio practising his kicks!

Dessert time.

With nephew Lio

Lio and mum Lina in Auckland

Self with nephew Eddie, nieces Tasa and Nerah in Wellington

Alex with nephew Caleb in Wellington

Watching Caleb during his basketball game.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Tears of a hormonal woman

Last week Alex finally departed for Oman to return to work. I had convinced myself that he won't be gone for long and will be back soon for the birth of baby although it's over six weeks away! We saw him off at the airport and I was composed and all good about it. I wanted not to feel too sad because of all those horror stories of women having miscarriages due to too much grief!
Well nature or should I say hormones had other plans for me. I woke up last night from a bad dream and felt immensely lonely without my husband by my side. It was awful. The next thing I knew I was sobbing my eyes out! I texted honey dearest who called me back and calmed me down. Just when I thought I had survived the critical week I cried a river. Hmmmm such is life. Well I calmed down for my darling baby in case I caused distress. Well I haven't cried in ages so that was a nice good cry in any case. I finally fell asleep an hour later and didn't wake up till late morning. Not long to go before I see my husband and our baby!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Jim's 60th Birthday.

We left Wellington around Friday afternoon on April 4th after Alex and folks got all the shopping together for the party. We arrived at the Sutherland farm at around 6pm and were greeted by a haven in the middle of nowhere. The farm was about 15 minutes drive from Martinborough and it was a sight to behold. An old Victorian house set in beautiful green gardens and big trees of all sorts. In front was an old tennis court and a beautiful big outdoor wooden table made from the trunk of a tree they had to cut down that was near the house according to the Joe and Jackie the proud owners of the lovely farmstay. A stone throw away was a cottage with more room and beds for more people to stay. Half of the main farm house was for visitors which we took over with kitchen including all utensils and three bedrooms, bathroom and two living rooms that could house a small Samoan family!
That eve we had dinner prepared by Cesca on the front yard on the big wooden table under the stars. It was a beautiful clear evening with a million stars in sight. It was just breathtaking and relaxing. Entertained by Joe and later Jackie we all enjoyed a lovely evening before calling it a night at around midnight.

The next morning we all got up early and under the command of master chef Alex we proceeded to prepare the meaai(food) for Jim’s big SIX OH birthday. Peeling, chopping and mixing most of the morning and by noon all of the food was ready to be demolished. Alex prepared the lamb and mounted it with the help from the birthday boy on the spit.
They started cooking the lamb at 12 and it was ready by 4pm. Friends and family started arriving at 2pm and by 5pm things were in full swing as we all started munching and the drinkers doing what they did best. Needless to say the food was yummy and everyone enjoyed the lamb. At dawn Jim said a few words and his very good mates from his army days also had a few stories to tell from back in the day.

Quite hilarious stories of course from the good ol’ days and Jake ended his with a song that everyone sang along to. Everyone sang the birthday song to Jim blowing his candle on a chocolate cake prepared by his wife Sue and the party continued. Later on Alex’s aunties Theresa and Cecilia found the two guitars and continued the sing along which was just fantastic. We all sat around the porch outside with some singing, some listening, others dancing and all still drinking until some called it a night and left while others continued on till the wee hours of the morning. Most of the people found a bed at the farm house so no one drove home. All up I think the birthday boy enjoyed his birthday very much especially with his old mates that made it with most of his family. The next day we all had breakfast at the house and packed everything before making our way back to the hub that is Wellington city.
A big thank you to Joe and Jackie for their hospitality during that magnificent and unforgettable week-end at the Sutherland Farm.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Wellington trip

Alex with his uncle Robin, cousin Joanne and niece Grace.

Self with cute Grace.

Grace and her uncles Raphael and Alex

Alex making the most of the green courses in Wellington. This is at a Petone golf range.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

The journey

I'm now blogging from Wellington at Alex's folks' place. We arrived here last night at 9.30 on an uneventful flight from Auckland.
We left Muscat on Thursday evening there and after a six hour flight we landed in Bangkok. We checked into the Louis Tavern dayrooms and managed to get some sleep before going to lunch. Nice rooms with good bed and shower. I checked out the massage place in the hotel but the receptionist took one look at my big tummy and said they don't or won't massage me in my condition! I reassured her that I only want my shoulders done and that I've been getting it done in Muscat anyway. It was still a no which is fair enough. Anyway after lunch I went to buy some chocolates from the dutyfree shops and as I walked past the massage spa the receptionist stopped me with a masseuse and said that she will give me a massage if I wanted but only around the shoulders. I greatfully accepted as I thought it would be nice to massage away the knots from the earlier flight plus we had another 12 hours to go to get to NZ. Needless to say the massage was very pleasant and I felt much better after.
Alex crashed out in the Louis Tavern Day rooms at the Bangkok airport.

The flight from Bangkok to NZ took about 12 hours and it was a very good flight. We must have slept for 3 hours tops and the rest was spent reading and watching movies and visiting the bathroom every 20 minutes for me and drinking, eating and eating.
We arrived to Auckland and Lina and my nephew Lio were waiting for us. We went straight to Aunty Lucy's where my cousin Victoria and hubby Lyell and kids were waiting for us. We left our stuff at the house and went to the mall to meet other friends and to buy some necessities. Aunty Lucy was in Samoa and was not arriving till the evening but was kind enough to let us in the house before she arrived. We're definitely back in South Auckland because we ran into a couple of people we know from Samoa. We had coffee with Warwick, Debbie, Lina and Lio and then we went back to the house.
Shortly after, Uncle Saua arrived with Samoan favourites of faalifu talo, palusami, sua ia and sapasui. We were two happy travellers that evening as we ate our fill and then went to bed. Woke up again late that evening and had some more food before going to sleep again. Woke up early the next morning and found Aunty Lucy arrived that evening. We had a big breakfast together and a good laugh.
Uncle Saua and Aunty Aniva came around and we all drove down to Hamilton to see baby Maeva. Had a big feed there for brunch with family then watched some rugby sevens before we drove back to Auckland that evening. It was lovely to see baby Maeva though she wasn't well. However she wouldn't sleep due to the excitement to all the new faces around her. She's so cute and is a mirror image of her mummy when she was a baby!

The next day Alec and Anne picked us up and took us to see their catamaran moored at the marina. It was quite a beauty with plenty of space. A floating apartment really. Had coffee with them before we went back home and went to the airport to catch our flight down to Wellington.
The youthful Alec and Ann on their baby Shamal. Beautiful catmaran.

Us checking out Shamal.