I'm lying on my side(the only possible position lately) in bed trying to type which is not easy. At this very moment baby is moving around a lot. I think baby's telling me to stop it already and go to sleep. It's raining outside which is music to my ears(from the desert) and am looking forward to a good night's sleep to that beautiful sound. Rain on the roof is one of the sounds I miss a lot being in Oman. In Samoa with the corrugated iron roofing the rain drums down on the roof and it just lulls one to sleep. I missed that. Though the rain isn't as loud here but it sure beats not hearing it at all. Moreover the weather has been very pleasant here in Hamilton. It's been warm since yesterday. Last night it was so warm it was unusual. I went for my walk today with my cousin and my baby niece.
My gorgeous niece is at the stage where she's learning things. I've been trying to teach her to do the Samoan siva...yep trust me to teach an 11 month old to dance. Anyway today we saw the first signs that she's learning. It's just so captivating watching her try to discern what we're doing. You could see the wheels doing a 1000KM an hour in there. At first we could see she was trying to move her little fingers...let's face it the siva isn't exactly easy but then today it's like it all added up in her head and she raised her arms and moved them from side to side and better yet tried to sing along with us too. It's just so rewarding and beautiful to watch her do these things. Her 1st birthday is coming up this Saturday and we've been trying to teach her also the action of blowing a candle. I mean when kids have birthdays everyone yells at the child on their birthday to blow their candles when of course the poor things had never done or seen the action being done before. But little kids or the sponges that they are just need to be taught the action.(cos I'm the instant expert on the She's such a fasst learner too. She's a pleasant little princess.
OK my own little blessing is moving around a lot now and my back is killing me as I'm now sitting with nothing to lean to so it ain't comfortable. I better say good night ma ia manuia le po. Until next time.


Fotu said…

Alofas and prayers that everything goes well :)

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