The journey

I'm now blogging from Wellington at Alex's folks' place. We arrived here last night at 9.30 on an uneventful flight from Auckland.
We left Muscat on Thursday evening there and after a six hour flight we landed in Bangkok. We checked into the Louis Tavern dayrooms and managed to get some sleep before going to lunch. Nice rooms with good bed and shower. I checked out the massage place in the hotel but the receptionist took one look at my big tummy and said they don't or won't massage me in my condition! I reassured her that I only want my shoulders done and that I've been getting it done in Muscat anyway. It was still a no which is fair enough. Anyway after lunch I went to buy some chocolates from the dutyfree shops and as I walked past the massage spa the receptionist stopped me with a masseuse and said that she will give me a massage if I wanted but only around the shoulders. I greatfully accepted as I thought it would be nice to massage away the knots from the earlier flight plus we had another 12 hours to go to get to NZ. Needless to say the massage was very pleasant and I felt much better after.
Alex crashed out in the Louis Tavern Day rooms at the Bangkok airport.

The flight from Bangkok to NZ took about 12 hours and it was a very good flight. We must have slept for 3 hours tops and the rest was spent reading and watching movies and visiting the bathroom every 20 minutes for me and drinking, eating and eating.
We arrived to Auckland and Lina and my nephew Lio were waiting for us. We went straight to Aunty Lucy's where my cousin Victoria and hubby Lyell and kids were waiting for us. We left our stuff at the house and went to the mall to meet other friends and to buy some necessities. Aunty Lucy was in Samoa and was not arriving till the evening but was kind enough to let us in the house before she arrived. We're definitely back in South Auckland because we ran into a couple of people we know from Samoa. We had coffee with Warwick, Debbie, Lina and Lio and then we went back to the house.
Shortly after, Uncle Saua arrived with Samoan favourites of faalifu talo, palusami, sua ia and sapasui. We were two happy travellers that evening as we ate our fill and then went to bed. Woke up again late that evening and had some more food before going to sleep again. Woke up early the next morning and found Aunty Lucy arrived that evening. We had a big breakfast together and a good laugh.
Uncle Saua and Aunty Aniva came around and we all drove down to Hamilton to see baby Maeva. Had a big feed there for brunch with family then watched some rugby sevens before we drove back to Auckland that evening. It was lovely to see baby Maeva though she wasn't well. However she wouldn't sleep due to the excitement to all the new faces around her. She's so cute and is a mirror image of her mummy when she was a baby!

The next day Alec and Anne picked us up and took us to see their catamaran moored at the marina. It was quite a beauty with plenty of space. A floating apartment really. Had coffee with them before we went back home and went to the airport to catch our flight down to Wellington.
The youthful Alec and Ann on their baby Shamal. Beautiful catmaran.

Us checking out Shamal.


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