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Prague Day 4

Day 4
We decided to check out one of the museums and church that was pointed out on the tour the day before. We caught the metro to go back to the Castle but ended up further past it. We wanted to go back to Prague castle and see the museum there. Well we had to consult the map a few times to find where exactly the castle was to the stop we got off at. Once again we walked. Just as well because we came across the royal garden which was just magnificent with an old building that they were renovating. I love the historical beauty of Europe that is still evident today. 
It's free to wonder around the castle grounds but to go into a museum within the castle grounds you have to pay. We chose the Story of the Castle museum which showcased bits and pieces which they discovered in the castle. I mean bits and pieces as these things were so old and broken. The later the discovery the more complete the items were. I wasn't overly impressed with the set up and what was available compared to…

Prague Day 3

After breakfast we took the tram into the city centre at 9am and found the Ultimate Walking tour office at Wecleases Square with no problems. The tour started off at 10.30am from the New Town and into the Old Town by the old clock and Jewish Quarters also through Paris Avenue. It was a a very cold day so I bought gloves to keep my hands warm. Our tour guide was fantastic, well versed with Prague history and she walked us all through town then we had a break on a boat for a 30minute ride along the Vltava river while we enjoyed a drink or two. We then made our way to lunch past the Executioner's house now a pub called Ukata. The lunch was inclusive with one drink and we had four options to choose from which were good enough. I think it's a good tour to do and then choose what you really want to see and go back the next day and check it out.  We made our way to the Prague Castle after that. Beautiful cathedral in there of which a part of was just completed in 1929 but was started …

Pilzen-Prague Day 2

We caught the train using a Bayern-Boheme ticket which is very cheap from Munich to Pilzen, we stopped and visited the Pilsner Brewery. Awesome tour for about an hour and a half with beer-tasting at the end. 

We then caught  a Student Agency bus that took us to Zlicin, Prague in an hour and it was a comfortable ride with few stops. From Zlicin we took the train into the city and on to Otakarova where Otakar Hotel was. People were helpful along the way which was really nice. 

Helpful people
The receptionist at the brewery was kind enough to point us to the Student Agency bus which was quicker than catching the train with too many stops. A random Czech stranger with good English helped us find the right tram stop from downtown to our hotel. The hotel receptionist sent us to a lovely restaurant nearby that had great traditional food and band at reasonable prices and great service.