Prague Day 3

After breakfast we took the tram into the city centre at 9am and found the Ultimate Walking tour office at Wecleases Square with no problems. The tour started off at 10.30am from the New Town and into the Old Town by the old clock and Jewish Quarters also through Paris Avenue. It was a a very cold day so I bought gloves to keep my hands warm. Our tour guide was fantastic, well versed with Prague history and she walked us all through town then we had a break on a boat for a 30minute ride along the Vltava river while we enjoyed a drink or two. We then made our way to lunch past the Executioner's house now a pub called Ukata. The lunch was inclusive with one drink and we had four options to choose from which were good enough. I think it's a good tour to do and then choose what you really want to see and go back the next day and check it out. 
We made our way to the Prague Castle after that. Beautiful cathedral in there of which a part of was just completed in 1929 but was started about 600 years earlier.(I think) The tour finished around 4pm then we went to have a drink at the Ukata which was a bit of a greasy joint. We went to the Easter markets in the Old Town and had some food and drinks there which was nice. A lot of restaurants have their own breweries which is remarkable. So there was beer on tap from their cellar which according to beer taster hubby was very good. Otakar hotel was clean and the tram stop in front goes straight to Wecleases Square which is very convenient. We had a good day of walking alot, eating, drinking, meeting people and just enjoying Prague.

The old town square
Charles Bridge built in the 15th Century
The famous Charles Bridge which was supposed to be the most beautiful bridge when it was built. The architect of the bridge thought it was a waste of resourceswhen there were destitute people. He regretted building the bridge and killed himself and left all his money to the blind as he said the blind people were lucky never to see this bridge!
Throughout the tour there were a lot of morbid stories like that. Our first stop infront of the Wecleases Museum were two painted marks on the ground. The tour guide stood over the two marks and said this is where two young students stood and burned themselves for the Czech people to be free from communism. On Charles Bridge was a statue of St John Hung(sp) and this priest was thrown off the bridge and drowned for disobeying authority. Later at Prague Castle a window was pointed out where two priests were thrown out of accused of lying! Happy stories I tell ya!


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