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Clydesdale on Polynesian Immigrants in NZ

Greg Clydesdale a Massey University lecturer has published a paper here in NZ blaming Polynesian immigrants for the future economic demise of NZ. In an interview with a Tagata Pasefika reporter on You Tube Mr Clydesdale points out that to avoid this taking place NZ should stop bringing in Polynesians as the NZ system cannot support these immigrants. He further discusses that Polynesians are at the lower end of the socio-economic scale in this country. It must be pointed out that Polynesians such as Cook Islanders, Tokelauans and Niueans are at birth NZ citizens as a result of colonial rule. So who is he classifying as the Polynesian immigrants if these people are already NZ citizens at birth.
Let’s say he’s referring to Samoans and Tongans as the “Polynesian immigrants” as it isn’t clear in his research who he means. The Polynesians that were brought into NZ fifty years ago were brought in to work in factories and other low level jobs because local New Zealanders would not do those jo…

38 weeks

Here I am at over 38 weeks and counting. Baby's still moving around a lot and am praying that all goes well and the birth is uneventful. I can't wait to see the face of our little bundle of joy and just marvel at God's creation. My family's at work and am home alone. My niece is now at homecare during the day starting today. I miss the little munchkin. She's so adorable and doesn't fail to put smiles onto our faces. It's been so great to be here at this time of her life and witness part of her growing up.
Happy birthday to my brother Chris in Samoa who turns (never mind) today. It was my nephew Siatua's 2nd birthday two weeks ago. Mom told me the funniest thing that she bought the little one some toy cars to play with. By nightfall she found all the little cars broken apart. The mechanical genius of Siatua's two older sisters Aute and Siu who apparently took them apart to try and find the car keys!!! I thought that was just hilarious!!! Anyway we ha…

37 weeks


Weekend in Auckland

Last week-end we went to Auckland and went to the Qantas Media Awards dinner held at the Hyatt. It was a lovely evening meeting media people whom my younger sister Cherelle works with. It was a nice excuse to dress up for of course and have a good time with my sisters. We sat at the Spacifik magazine table whom my sister writes for and they won the best subscriber website. The New Zealand Herald took most of the awards that evening.

With my journalist sister Cherelle

With both my sisters Cherelle and Jody

With Jody the travel agent.

Us three

My sisters, self and baby_bump

Pregnancy Update

The midwife came around on Monday for my bi-weekly checkup. She had a birth the night before so we rescheduled for the afternoon. She checked everything and she talked to me about the birth and what to expect which was really helpful. I've read up on a lot about the birth but it's nice to hear it from the midwife whose doing this every week. She's really nice and I like her so I'm quite happy with her. Better yet she only lives two streets up from us so it's very convenient. She reckons baby's head is engaged now so that's really good news.

Maeva Moelagi's First Birthday.

Grandchild number 18 to Mom Miss Maeva Moelagi Jackson-Becerra just celebrated her 1st birthday last Saturday. Lots of family and friends made it and it was a spectacular day.
Birthday girl self and Aunty Evo

With birthday girl's mommy, and cuz Victoria

The super cake by Aunty Lina.

Blowing out her first candle in her princess outfit flanked by her doting Laban cousins from Auckland and friends.

And again

With her proud parents.

Too much excitement in one day.

Pass the parcel time.

The uncles doing their thing. Yes that's Uncle Simon there lol

Opening presents time. Lucky lucky girl

Uncle Simon helps Maeva open her presents.

A happy and loved birthday princess.