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Mundane tasks to be completed

I'm way overdue to do my sugar level blood test. I've yet to do one during my pregnancy so I decided to do it today as hubby will be home to pick up Mr 4 while I spend the morning at the hospital. I stopped eating at 9 last night. I woke up to get my son ready and make his lunch yadayada at 6am and normally I eat a quick breakfast with him but today I had to keep reminding myself not to due to the test. I dropped Mr 4 and went for my morning walk with my water bottle but tried not to drink too much of it. I also tried really hard not to think of how hungry I was. I came home showered and drove hubby to his work to pick up his car then made my way to the hospital. They took the first tube of blood when I arrived and given the sugared drink to inhale. Yuck Yuck it was disgusting. The nurse told me I had to have my blood twice in two hours to my utter disappointment. I thought I was only there for an hour and now I had to stretch my urge to eat a horse and a cow to 2 hours! yikes…

Pink Blessing

Yesterday my youngest sister gave birth to an 8lb+ baby girl in Samoa. I added this video of this beautiful song sung by Samoa Teachers Training College from the 50s that we grew up dancing to. I remember the endless Samoan dancing lessons with my mom to these songs on the old Record Player. It brings tears to my eyes that we couldn't be there to welcome our little niece and to be there for my baby sister but this song makes me look forward to the dancing lessons and fun we will have with all this little princess in the future. Praise the Lord for another beautiful gift to our blessed family. Fa'afetai i le Atua.