Mundane tasks to be completed

I'm way overdue to do my sugar level blood test. I've yet to do one during my pregnancy so I decided to do it today as hubby will be home to pick up Mr 4 while I spend the morning at the hospital. I stopped eating at 9 last night. I woke up to get my son ready and make his lunch yadayada at 6am and normally I eat a quick breakfast with him but today I had to keep reminding myself not to due to the test. I dropped Mr 4 and went for my morning walk with my water bottle but tried not to drink too much of it. I also tried really hard not to think of how hungry I was. I came home showered and drove hubby to his work to pick up his car then made my way to the hospital. They took the first tube of blood when I arrived and given the sugared drink to inhale. Yuck Yuck it was disgusting. The nurse told me I had to have my blood twice in two hours to my utter disappointment. I thought I was only there for an hour and now I had to stretch my urge to eat a horse and a cow to 2 hours! yikes. 
I had a book with me which I tried to read before I fell asleep on the uncomfy chairs and complained in my head that they should have lazyboy chairs for this kind of thing. Finally 2 hours later of sitting on my arse and getting pricked three times with a needles I was let go to which I rushed home to enjoy a yummy chicken/salad sandwich hubby made for lunch. It was one of the best sandwiches ever considering how hungry I was. 
So we're trying to de-clutter our house before baby arrives. Hubby bought some shelves and organisers from the ever trusting IKEA in Dubai this week and he's upstairs putting them together in Mr 4's room so we can better organise(stuff) his toys into. I'm downstairs with the task of putting lose toys into the other set of shelves to which I've given up after 20 minutes. I can't think of a more boring task though it must be done. Next on the list is to clear our office/study so that we can fit a bed in here for guests. We have one guest room and the baby will need a room and I don't think it's a good idea to squeeze the visitors and baby in the same room when the need arises. I want to have the baby in it's own room after a few weeks! These are plans whether they eventuate is a whole other story! We can also put baby with my son but it's hard enough to have him sleep in his room all night to have a crying baby in there isn't going to help matters! Once again we will see. 
So back to having to sort this office out so we can get rid of rubbish and organise the stuff in here that we need. Get rid of some unnecessary furniture and move in a couch cum bed for visitors. Kafefe we'll see how long this will take us to complete. On top of that we have less than three months to start organising baby's things such as wash clothing and clean what will be re-used from my son's baby days! Ia tatou tatalo fai mai ai pakele:) Wish me luck and endurance and patience and sanity and motivation and whatever else needed for these mundane tasks! 
Also need to hang up pictures that have been on shelves, print some more family photos to go on the walls. Get a collage made that stars Mr 4 and his travels. He saw our collage of photos from before he was born and was very upset that he didn't feature in any photos! It was funny but of course he wasn't laughing. Self-realisation lesson followed that he was not born yet when those photos were taken. He felt better when I told him that his favourite cousin MM wasn't in those pictures too as like him, she hadn't been born yet! 


Goddess said…
haha - we have the same argument with MM....upset that she wasn't in the wedding photos as a flower girl! anyhow, get someone else to do the decluttering and sit your butt down and have a virgin-colada! or at least, do the washing and small jobs now before you get bigger! omg- thats exciting, we've gotten used to the 3 of you, 4 Hilbrons is gonna be interesting!

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