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Tau's 1st Birthday

We had planned to have Tau's brithday at the beach since it's prettier out there and the beach will keep the kids busy for hours. We were going to bbq on the beach and have a pig on the spit and celebrate till we drop. Come Saturday morning we woke up to heavy rain and heavy clouds. We thought it might be better on the other side of the island so my dear sister and nieces drove on ahead to hold a couple of fales for us before we all descends upon the chosen beach. Well we were constantly in touch and 'sister' called to say that it was stormy out at the beach. So a quick call around to the other family and my older sister suggested we do the birthday at their place since it's indoors away from the rain and in town. So I called all the cars that were heading towards the beach and everyone happily did their u-turns and headed back to town including us.
We kicked started the celebrations with games for the kids that even the adults joined in. It was just hilarious. Gra…


We spent the whole of June in Samoa and it was just beautiful. Tau and I arrived in Samoa on June 2nd and hubby arrived on the 9th. Unfortunately the holiday kicked off on a sad note due to the death of the sister of friends due to a car accident. Net was still in Samoa so we both went to the family service which was very touching and a beautiful celebration of her life. She was a beautiful girl that lived life to the fullest. I didn't know her well but were only friends on bebo. She was a very active member on bebo and now miss her constant updates on her busy social life and her love for her beautiful niece that she's left behind. I could not imagine the pain the family is experiencing at the sudden loss of their beloved sister and daughter. I pray that they are healing and coming to terms in some way with their tragic loss.
Nets and I went out a couple of nights to check out the local scene that we had missed out on in the past months! Nice to see that no one missed…