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Happy Birthday Alex and Isaac

Wishing my twin nephews in California a very happy birthday. In Samoan it's Manuia le lua Aso Fanau. Hope you had loads of fun today.
Alofa tele
your Aunty Omega, Uncle Alex and cousin Tauilagi.

Why are we here?

Today I went out with my son to buy some things from an arty shop and then afterwards we went to the beach to get some fresh air and snag a cinnamon roll from CinnCeo there. I know not good for my health but well I felt like something sweet and hoped for a lift to my spirits. When I head out I have a list of things to do but I tend to reshuffle everything as I'm heading out which of course throws my plans. So like today after the arty shop I just felt like some fresh air and open space so I took baby to the beach. I texted a friend to join us but obviously was busy. So we just went there parked Tau on the sidewalk for a while to watch the locals playing football and people milling around on the beach. I felt sad because I wanted to call on one of my sisters or Mom and ask them to join us on the beach but alas we're in another country on the other side of the world and that may not be very easy.
I wonder why are we here?
Is it worth being so far from our loved ones?
In my moment…

Magic word "MAMA"

For the past two days baby and I have been really sick with runny noses and cough for Tau and drowsiness and high fever for me. Today we are both much better. Last night however Tau developed this awful sounding cough that at about 5am when I was feeding him he coughed so bad he threw up his milk, so as any worried parent would do I bundled him up and rushed him to the nearest clinic. The doctor said it was common in children at the moment due to the change in the weather. Through it all Tau was his happy self smiling at the nurses which really kept my hopes up that he was ok. Hubby was working so I was going this one alone. When we got home Tau was up and just wanted to continue the day like we didn't get up way too early! I was just thankful that he was normal and all was ok.
Anyway later in the afternoon when hubby was home we were hanging out in the room playing with Tau on our bed. Tau was making noises that sounded like "hmmmm" "wawawa" "nganganga&quo…


I'm trying to blog while my husband and mate from work are chatting here in the living room. Baby's asleep so I'm trying to maximise on the free time. I'm a bit blank now though.

National Day and Tau's five months young

Congratulations to all Omanis on their National Day celebration today.

Today Tau is five months exactly and he's growing fast. I celebrate this day for when our lives changed forever. I look at our son now and feel so much love.


I enjoy following the news on who President-elect Barrack Obama is choosing for his government. Very exciting times. I was reading an interesting article on yahoo speculating on Obama selecting his foes in important positions mirroring what President Licoln did in his time. Interesting move that would be. Or will he just surround himself with yes-people?
And yesterday I saw news about the G-20 where the world leaders are meeting to find a solution of some sort for the economic crisis. Well President Bush came on to say his two cents on the subject and at that moment when I think he was supposed to sound reassuring he did everything but that. It's just really hard to take this guy seriously with his one sided smirk/grin as if he's going to make a snide remark!
I better go my son is crying.

Tau today

I'm blogging while my son is playing in his walker. He's 5 months tomorrow and he's growing fast. We've started him on solids to the doctor's disappointment and to my excitement. What does the doctor know as many mums and Samoans would say! He was showing the signs of wanting to eat more than just good ol' milk. He loves eating so food time is fun. He expects his baby cereal now in the mornings and will not take any more milk but wait for it. He's putting everything in his path in his mouth at the moment. I've moved him to the bouncinette and now he's trying to pull off the toys hanging above him. He's not well today but he's still his bright self. He's got a cold yet again and is a bit hot. We've already been to the doctor's. He woke up a lot last night due to his blocked nose.
Just a pity we missed out on the rugby club playgroup this morning but I guess we'll do it another day:(

History has been made

I stayed up late last night to watch the updates on the US elections. Then I really had to go to bed. This morning I had to rush off to horse riding but I heard the great news on the radio that Obama had won the elections. When I got home I tuned into CNN and watched Obama's winning speech and I teared up as I witnessed such a historical moment. There's hope after all. However like I said before I guess now it's time for him to do something about the economy. He has a lot of work ahead of him and I wish him all the best. What an awesome outcome for everyone.


Oh my, I just read the last blogs and hmmm a bit boring. I must say the wandering of the mind has slowed down or should I say no time to put it on paper!
Well I just received a comment on this blog from a German dentist that came by Mom's hotel years ago. I remember you Harold if you're reading this. This guy used his dental drill to write all our names on coconut vases. It was pretty cool. I wonder if those vases are still at home? For some reason too I remember a comment he made when Harold came to Savaii about one tour operator in Apia who drove him to the airport from his hotel. He said he had just met one of the most beautiful women in Samoa but not once did the woman smile which really ruined it for him he said!
I've just been reading news on different Samoan websites. It's great to stay in touch with what's happening at home though bad news is never a good read.
Elections in the US now and who will win. Obama is leading in the polls but will this eventuate i…