Tau today

I'm blogging while my son is playing in his walker. He's 5 months tomorrow and he's growing fast. We've started him on solids to the doctor's disappointment and to my excitement. What does the doctor know as many mums and Samoans would say! He was showing the signs of wanting to eat more than just good ol' milk. He loves eating so food time is fun. He expects his baby cereal now in the mornings and will not take any more milk but wait for it. He's putting everything in his path in his mouth at the moment. I've moved him to the bouncinette and now he's trying to pull off the toys hanging above him. He's not well today but he's still his bright self. He's got a cold yet again and is a bit hot. We've already been to the doctor's. He woke up a lot last night due to his blocked nose.
Just a pity we missed out on the rugby club playgroup this morning but I guess we'll do it another day:(


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