Oh my, I just read the last blogs and hmmm a bit boring. I must say the wandering of the mind has slowed down or should I say no time to put it on paper!
Well I just received a comment on this blog from a German dentist that came by Mom's hotel years ago. I remember you Harold if you're reading this. This guy used his dental drill to write all our names on coconut vases. It was pretty cool. I wonder if those vases are still at home? For some reason too I remember a comment he made when Harold came to Savaii about one tour operator in Apia who drove him to the airport from his hotel. He said he had just met one of the most beautiful women in Samoa but not once did the woman smile which really ruined it for him he said!
I've just been reading news on different Samoan websites. It's great to stay in touch with what's happening at home though bad news is never a good read.
Elections in the US now and who will win. Obama is leading in the polls but will this eventuate in a win? I guess if Obama wins all this festive mood will wane as everyone waits for what he will do to the economy. Is the US ready for a president of colour? It's sad that today this is still an issue. I met a republican in Samoa a few months ago who said that Obama had no experience blah blah he was a republican is all I heard! A younger man may make some good changes in the most powerful country in the world but then again how much can one man change really. In the end politics is politics. Will there be an incident like that last time when the Florida(I think) votes were recounted and then there was speculation of corruption? (if I'm not wrong) That can always happen again here but we shall see.
Happy voting U.S.Americans!!!


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