Magic word "MAMA"

For the past two days baby and I have been really sick with runny noses and cough for Tau and drowsiness and high fever for me. Today we are both much better. Last night however Tau developed this awful sounding cough that at about 5am when I was feeding him he coughed so bad he threw up his milk, so as any worried parent would do I bundled him up and rushed him to the nearest clinic. The doctor said it was common in children at the moment due to the change in the weather. Through it all Tau was his happy self smiling at the nurses which really kept my hopes up that he was ok. Hubby was working so I was going this one alone. When we got home Tau was up and just wanted to continue the day like we didn't get up way too early! I was just thankful that he was normal and all was ok.
Anyway later in the afternoon when hubby was home we were hanging out in the room playing with Tau on our bed. Tau was making noises that sounded like "hmmmm" "wawawa" "nganganga" and I kept repeating to him to say mama mama. I was just trying my luck. Hubby was reading something and I was looking at something and Tau was playing with his teddy bear and was quiet for a bit. And then the next thing we hear was a loud and clear "MAMA" call from my little precious. Hubby and I were so surprised and loud that poor Tau was shocked into quietness. I'm so proud of my little boy. Needless to say we've been encouraging it all day and he's been repeating it now and again. Whether he'll keep it up a whole other matter but at the moment I'm a very happy and proud MAMA.


Sieni said…
there's nothing like the feeling you get when you hear that one magic word! :)

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