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Facebook - the positives

Funny how we all complain about Facebook and it's lack of privacy and what goes on there and yet we all pretty much have a Facebook page! How else would we know how irritating it can be! Well in this entry I beg to differ. I like Facebook, almost love it.
I like how it keeps me in touch with family. Family whom I never met, I hardly know or with those I grew up with and then moved overseas. And it helps me keep in touch and reconnect with friends. Friend that I'm close to and new friends that I make along the way. The latter I find weird but this is about positives. 
I like being updated on my family and friends activities all over the world. You get a perspective of peoples lives through their updates. I find that interesting. Seeing updates from a seasoned pilot flying all over Africa, to bored teenagers in Auckland. The social life of vivacious gay friends in London to doting mums in Fiji. From the struggles faced by a new lecturer in Canada to an aid worker in North Africa. …


Back now after nursing baby, I put him back in his cot fast asleep, so I decided I still want to blog so here I am.
Baby's been sick for a week. I took him to the doctor the very next morning he got a cold and well 4 days later he was no better. Back to the doctor for follow-up and change of medicine and he's back on the mend thank goodness. So my sleepless nights are coming to an end thank goodness. Poor bubs was so clogged up he just couldn't sleep well. Baby's now 5 months and a few days old, he's a big boy...very strong and healthy except for the odd cold here and there so counting my blessings that he kicked that one in the butt. But boy being a parent is really scary at times. Wanting to take the pain from your child is one of those superpowers you wish you had, to help them. The upside throughout baby's sickness is his appetite remained the same. Big smiles for that one as it generally means it's not serious. I was trying out this new doctor so will h…


Enjoying my quiet time I decided to sit at my computer and update my blog and then baby cried,
and cried
and cried....