Facebook - the positives

Funny how we all complain about Facebook and it's lack of privacy and what goes on there and yet we all pretty much have a Facebook page! How else would we know how irritating it can be! Well in this entry I beg to differ. I like Facebook, almost love it.
I like how it keeps me in touch with family. Family whom I never met, I hardly know or with those I grew up with and then moved overseas. And it helps me keep in touch and reconnect with friends. Friend that I'm close to and new friends that I make along the way. The latter I find weird but this is about positives. 
I like being updated on my family and friends activities all over the world. You get a perspective of peoples lives through their updates. I find that interesting. Seeing updates from a seasoned pilot flying all over Africa, to bored teenagers in Auckland. The social life of vivacious gay friends in London to doting mums in Fiji. From the struggles faced by a new lecturer in Canada to an aid worker in North Africa. The vibrant social lives of expats in the Middle East to the workaholic by day and party-animals by night lives of family and friends in Samoa. The funny refreshing view of life from a retired great-grand-parent in California to don't-give-a-damn ones in Australia. And then the constant travelling updates from friends who travel all over the world from a manager in Dubai to an Organisation worker in Switzerland to civil servants and sports people in Samoa. Whether I like it or not it's people with whom I've chosen to be friends and stay connected with on this specific social network. The irony I find is, everyone thinks they're terribly different, when in fact we're all uniquely the same. And the best thing about it all is, when you've had enough madness from some you just hit: the unfriend button. 


Goddess said…
I love this...definitely true !!!!

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