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Monday, March 27, 2006

My grandmother Faleasiu

Please pray for my grandma Faleasiu who is suffering from old age ailments at the moment. My beloved grandmother who means everything to me and our family. She is and always has been the centre of our lives in everything we do. It is times like these that make me realise how timeless my grandma seems to be and yet she is only a mortal being like the rest of us.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Police chase on a camel!

Around the pyramids and all the tourist sites in Egypt there is a strong presence of heavily armed police. They are called the Tourism Police who safeguard the tourists from harm of any kind as Egypt in the past had some attacks in tourist areas. At first we felt a bit uneasy with machine guns a few feet away from you but in the end I felt safer knowing they were around. At the Valley of the Kings in Luxor they had a snipers' hut at the top of the rocky hills overlooking the valley and the Temple of Hatshepsut! How eerie is that!

All in a day's work!

Scenes in Giza, Cairo.

Alex attempting to dwarf the sphinx

A perspective!

I'm sitting on the boulders that make up the pyramids at the base of the pyramid Khofu. Just imagine thousands of years ago they were carting those things around and managed to make perfect structures!

Alex and I hanging off the base of Khofu.

View from Giza town

Friday, March 24, 2006

Our Cairo family

Talaat and his wife Fifi, their daughter Ines and sons Andro and Antwan.

The lovely Gurgis family who really made us feel at home in Helwan Cairo. They let us into their home fed us with Egyptian food and made us feel very welcome that it was sad to leave. The story goes like this: Talaat has a brother named George who is married to a Samoan and lives in Apia at the moment. He owns a tv repair shop at the new makeki in Fugalei. I met them years ago in the Coast Bar in Apia and wasn't sure whether I was too cut or I was really talking to Egyptians in Samoa! Anyway they were really cool and Talaat and I made a pact to correspond by postcards as I really wanted a postcard from EGYPT. At least before I went there I could get a reminder that I must get there! cool huh! So after all these years as the story plays out Alex and I are in Oman and Cairo is about a stone throw away. So finally we made it and it was just a dream come true.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Samoan with the sphinx

Giza Pyramids: Cairo

Samoans in Egypt :)

We travelled to Egypt on the 27th Feb 06 and went to see as much as possible. However we were surprised at the airport from the moment our dear friends Talaat and Fifi picked us up we rode in a taxi to their home in Helwan and that was one heck of a ride. Cars were coming from all sides and Alex and I were all clenched up at the way they drove in Cairo. What was a three lane road was used as a six lane road. Cars were just going the way they liked... just crazy, however it works and the Egyptians are sure used to it. Moreover people are part of the throng! Just amazing people dodgin in and out of the traffic. It was something else.
We went to the Egyptian museum on the first day and saw alot of mummies and old Egyptian artefacts and statues salvaged from the temples and tombs. We saw the infamous King Tutankhamun artefacts that were discovered in his tomb every thing was gold including the coffins as well... Amazing stuff looked really heavy and the jewellery that he was adorned with there were 365 gold ornaments pinned to his mummy to protect him for everyday of the year in his journey to the afterlife. The belief the Egyptians in the Afterlife is evident in the preparations they put into preparing the dead and adorning the mummies including the tombs they were buried in. This we later saw in the valley of the kings with writings and pictures on all sides of the tombs. You have to go there to see for yourself and experience it as we did!!

"Our Samoan Wedding"

This part of our blogspot consists of photos from our wedding on December 17th 2005 for the benefit of all our friends and families who made it and for all those who couldn't make it. A big faafetai lava and thank you to all of you who helped us leading up to the wedding by way of prayers, gifts, monetary donations and for just thinking good thoughts for us on our special day. From the bottom of our hearts: Faafetai, faafetai tele lava.