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We've been, we've seen and we're pleased. We flew to Heathrow on March 3rd and drove to Oxford on the same evening. We checked into our hotel and waited for the scholar and Aute to come by. They didn't show up till about 2 hours later thank you very much. They'd just sat down to dinner when I called but I thought it wasn't long. Anyway it was so nice to them when they made it over. My little sister was accepted as a fellow in the Reuters School of Journalism at the Green Templeton College at Oxford University and went there to do her fellowship for three months. So it was a full on course and we managed to squeeze in the trip to go see her during her studies. We had lunch at her college a few times and met her classmates and some of her friends. We later joined her class for tea at the director's residence which was really nice. Tau made an impression on the Oxfordians as they passed him along and entertained him all evening which was great. The people were…