Last night as I was fighting wakefulness to get some much needed sleep I thought of writing an A-Z chart of our current experiences of pre-parenthood. Here we go:
A- Alex who is the baby_daddy.
B- for we are truly blessed with this pregnancy.
C- is for the Bugaboo Cameleon pram/stroller that I really want for baby that's quite expensive.
D- the desire to be great parents.
E- mo le elefane or Elephant in Samoan as that is part of the alphabet we learned as kids which was strange as there are no elephants in Samoa but I'll teach it to my kid too! lol
F- for Father for the new journey that Alex starts with the arrival of baby. For the strong relationship he has with his father which can only be a great basis for his relationship with baby:) My father that lives in my memories and imagination.
G- is for God Almighty for nothing is complete without him.
H- For baby's last name.
I- India where my father was born and I dream to make it there one day with my family.
J- is for my last name.
K- is for Knowledge
L- is for LOVE for without it we are empty. 1 Corinthians 13 "Hope, Faith and Love - and the greatest of these is LOVE." Hmm and Labour of Love(it's gotta be) which I'll be going through to get this little one out into the world!!!
M- for our Moms for they keep us kids strong and motivated and also in appreciation of their being strongholds in our families. Miracles that become babies.
N- New Zealand where Alex was born and brought up and where we hope to live.
O- for Omega that's me who's carrying this precious gift with pride and joy and will be Mommy to our little blessing. Also for Oman where we live now.
P- is for parenthood that we are about to embark on with all the joys and trials it brings.
Q- Quite an ordinary experience to others but extra-ordinary for us newbies!
S- for Safua, Savaii, SAMOA my birthplace, our heritage, our pride which we will pass on to our child.
T- The first letter of Baby's first name.
U- Unity that is the basis of our Samoan families.
W- is for Womanhood- strong, sensitive and Wonderful.
X- is for xylophone which was one of my favourite toy instruments as a child until Eletise took it for his son. sob sob
Y- For the young and innocent that we have to protect.
Z- Zzzzzz I'm told to catch up on a lot of this before bubs arrives.
I will complete this as we go along...


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