Not all smooth then.

Today I went to meet Lize at CentrePoint which is a huge department store nearby that were having a sale. As we started to browse through the jewellery section trying on different necklaces I was all of a sudden overcome with dizziness and felt like I was going to black out. I told Lize and she quickly grabbed a seat for me to sit down as I lowered my head to get some blood back up again. I was quite pale according to Lize and I looked it in the mirror too! The shop girls were very helpful and one lady proceeded to tell us that she has four children and this is quite normal during pregnancy. Her going on about her kids I think helped me regain conciousness fully as I tried to focus on what the heck she was on about. She was quite young but said that she had a 16 year old son because back in her day she married at the age of fourteen to her first cousin as was the tradition!!! She was so cool about it and proceeded to say that that was how they were taught but today not many young people want such arrangements! Bless her because I felt much better and then we proceeded to the coffee shop to have tea with lots of sugar in case I was low on sugar! Anyway I felt fine after that. Ate some more and then came home and had some more food and fruits. So now I'm feeling as good as new and wondering what the heck that was about. Oh well everything has been so lovely about the pregnancy that I'm bound to get a reminder it's not all smoothsailing and no I'm not superwoman. I just hope this is not a first for many crappy experiences to come!!! Fingers crossed and no I am not focussing on it.
And I am now 21 weeks pregnant, thank you Lord for your protection.
OK I'm home alone, hubby should get back tomorrow morning pe a pule alofa le Atua e aulia ma le manuia.


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