Our Loss

We've had a long time away from home spending it with loved ones in NZ. We arrived in NZ met up with Mum there at my older sister's place then we went to Wellington to catch up with my inlaws. We had a fabulous time with all our families. Mum got to catch up with a lot of her siblings and family. Most precious of all is we got to spend quality time with my mother-in-law who had terminal cancer. My six year old son had an awesome time with his beloved nana before she took a turn for the worse. We left NZ at the end of July and came home with my two boys. 
One week here in Muscat and we received the dreaded call from NZ that my kids beloved nana was now weak. We got on the next flight back to NZ with my husband and made it to nana's side while she could still talk and had some of her strength. We had a precious three and a half weeks with her before she passed away peacefully at home surrounded by her loved ones. It was an emotional month for the whole family but what was most apparent and amazing was my kids nana's fighting spirit and will to be with her family. She was an amazing strong woman and she went on her own terms. She amazed the medical staff with her progress and how she fought until the end. She was a loyal mother and wife and doting loving nana to her five grandchildren. The funeral was beautiful and she had it just the way she would have wanted it. It was beautiful and heartbreaking, she was taken far too soon as she had many years in her but with this horrible disease cancer none of us have control. However as I keep telling my son his nana will forever be our hearts and wonderful memories of all the fun times he had with her. He is handling it all well and am so proud of him but my heart breaks for his great loss.
Rest In Peace Tau and Manu's beautiful and doting Nana Sue. Our boys will grow up  in your legacy of love, loyalty and commitment to family.


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