Stand-by Travel and Citizenship

Ia e muamua ona sii le viiga ma le faafetai i le Atua ona o lona alofa tunoa mo i tatou uma ua le mavae lea. Ona oo ai lea o lau faafetai ia John Key for I got my NZ citizenship application accepted last October thank you very much. I got a letter from the citizenship office last month that the ceremony to take my oath of citizenship was on February 8th of this month.
As we decided it's best to get it over with now, we had to make arrangements on how I was going to accomplish this with the least disruption to our baby boy's life. Thank goodness for good friends my best pal in Dubai decided that she'll come to ours and faamuli with my son when hubby dearest was at work. So it was sort of a wife-swap except I wasn't being swapped, I had to make my way to Wellington in the fastest possible way and back before my son forgot he had a mommy. I was travelling on a discounted fare (thanks to hubby's job) where I would be one of the last people that they consider at boarding time to hop on the flight if for some miraculous reason one passenger dropped dead, didn't show or had to be off loaded due to whatever reasons.
All three flights out of Dubai that morning were full but I did my PR work and visited all three gates and introduced myself to the staff to let them know that if there were a seat available to make sure that they called me who was standing not far from the counter with only a carry on bag ready to fill that seat.
Well most of the staff were so nicely negative about my chances but I stood like a statue near the counter on the first flight that was leaving and tried to make sure I didn't look too desperate(though that was obvious from a mile away) and smiled ever so often to the check in staff just to remind them that there's a prospective passenger there!
Boarding time came and went and one check in staff signaled to me that they were waiting for ONE passenger. Unfortunately I was wishing all sorts of airport mishaps on that person like lost luggage, can't get through security blah blah. And then the main staff signaled for me to come over. And low and behold one passenger had to be off loaded because they didn't have the right visa for NZ so I got the one vacant seat all the way to NZ!!! Imagine my joy as I was contemplating getting back on the flight to Oman as I was missing my son so much, especially when I spoke to him and he said "come": ouch. Needless to say I was in tears and not enjoying the experience at all. It was like I was travelling without my heart for that whole time. It was terrible. In the process I went mad with the Sat-Nav phone on Emirates making calls that cost too much so I could talk to my darling back home.
Anyway I got to NZ safely and went straight to Hamilton with my sister and her two kids to see our other sister with the one kid:) It was nice to see everyone but I was knocked out in bed by 9pm and woke up the next morning at 8am.
To be cont'd


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