O le aso.

Ramadan is coming to an end and all Muslims I take it are looking forward to Eid which is the celebration of the end of the holy fasting month. I'm sure many a new car has been bought and outfits have been made. Many are visiting the salons to get their makeover for Eid. Now it's hard to get anything made at the tailor's as they are flooded with customers as well as beauty salons as the local ladies are getting spruced up for Eid. Many including expats are going off on holiday during the week break so it's exciting times for a lot of people here.
As for us we're staying put until next month we might do something during hubby's holidays. However I'm itchy to travel again so we might go somewhere close by.
Last night I baked a cake from scratch that actually worked for the first time. The gas oven we have now is better than our last one so I managed to pull off a butter cake(the simplest of them all) with lemon topping. It was not too bad. I still need to master the oven setting as the bottom of the cake got a bit burnt but it wasn't too bad. Need some butter to try another cake. Hmm maybe I should try chocolate (hubby's favourite) next. Gotta put baby to sleep now and go off to the supermarket to get the butter, nappies and chocolate for the cake.
Until next time.


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