Sleeping babe

Well these days of motherhood, there are days when I can't wait for my baby to go to sleep so I can surf the net, read or just have a nap. sad one but well I need me time too. Anyway our son is doing very well. He's taller now and we're getting more reaction from him now. Yesterday I tried the blow on his tummy trick and he laughed I mean a REAL baby open mouth with noise laugh. It was soooo cute. Two weeks ago I went to check on him sleeping in his cot to find that he was wide awake and managed to do a 180 degree turn in the cot. I was so shocked but well he's obviously getting stronger and developing. I value seeing other friends with kids as I learn something from them all the time. So now we've got our routine down to a T now. Bath in the evening and then sleep time around 6-6.30pm. He's now sleeping longer at night which is just a blessing lol. Two nights ago he slepts for 8 hours straight. Last night was 7 hours straight so I'm a happy momma. I've also learned to harden a bit and just leave him in the cot when it's bed time and he now just goes to sleep. Lovely lovely.
the weather is now cooler here and so I've taken Tau for a swim now and again at the pools and he loves it. OK I better go now as he is AWAKE. Time for a snack.


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