Everything g.... comes to an end!!

And here I am alive and tattered after 8 weeks of CELTA in Oman. Today the course was officially declared closed, finito. It is so weird to not have lessons to plan and assignments to hand in. Really really weird. Tomorrow we're throwing a BBQ for the end of the course and to farewell Alex's parents that have been with us for almost a month now. We are also celebrating the arrival of winter in Oman when we can use the blimin' balcony which we couldn't use in the heat of summer.
So let's just say I'm back to blogging for a while yet. Its nice to have nothing to plan for now and just relax though it feels very strange...


nets said…
Well done you!! Now put your feet up and let your hair down!

fotu of samoa said…
Congrats girl! :)

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