Strange in Many Ways

As I was rushing to put my son's shoes on him and head out, a man knocked at the gate. I locked the house and walked out with my son to our car outside the gate where this guy was standing. I asked him what's up and he said;
"you have a beautiful house".
I said "thank you but it isn't ours, we're just renting it."
He continued to say his wife and he, indicated towards his car where I could see his wife, are building a new house and they really liked this style of housing. What came next just about bowled me over. He asked if he and his wife could come into our house to have a look around and take photos!!! I stood there dumbfounded. I mean he looked nice enough and seeing the demure wife in the car just about made me say okay as I'm a nice person like that(yep)!

But then I thought what the heck? take photos of our personal space? by these strangers? Ummmm alarm bells rang in my head... should I be a nice lady or an unfriendly one? Nice or safety. What if these people attack me and my son in my house...moreover we live on a street where 20 houses look the same! So why mine? This is what was going around in my head as I stood there. Finally words came back to my head and I refused the guy nicely and said, "I'm sorry we're on our way out and go next door it's an office and it looks like someone's in, ask them to take photos in there because we have to go! The guy looked at me confused and then looked back at the other house and said oh ok. Me: "it's exactly the same as mine. "Sorry."
"Tau get in the car", I strapped him in his seat as quick as I could and drove off in a hurry before the guy was refused next door and he came back...

It occurred to me this is probably how unassuming people get attacked. OK the couple it seemed were genuinely interested in the house but still, I don't know them and it's just me and my son at home. Weird much?


Stella said…
Yikes...scary. Like something out of movie the way you've described it. *shudder*
Coconut Girl said…
Well just as well you didn't let him in...these days you never know...kei a le pachick o oe e le kamaloa. Stay safe! Hugs for Tauilagi the man.
TMT said…
Very Weird - Geez that was a close call!! Note to Yourself - Keep the "Unfriendly Face" for cases like these! Smart Move to leave!!
Malelega said…
Weird indeed. I thought hmmm could I kung fu his azz if something happened? Probably not so off we went.

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