Summer in Oman

And so Ramadan starts tomorrow or it might have been today, I'm not sure. The summer weather has been absolutely amazing. This is our seventh summer in Oman, yep, seventh and this is probably the best weather we've experienced in what you call summer. If you haven't been to a desert country or the like before well let me try and describe the heat in summer. When you exit your Air Conditioned house you're hit with this wall of heat. And I mean wall because it hits you full frontal, it engulfs your whole being, it violates your every pore, it makes you inhale heat which you'd never thought possible. You're simply surrounded by the heat so you run to your car hoping to cool down faster but the car thermostat reads 47 Celsius and everything is hot in it, from the seat to the steering wheel. You turn the A/C on full blast only to be blasted by more hot air so you turn it down again and wait for some cool air to come out, so you think maybe I should wind the windows down to let cool air in at which you're not any better off as the heat outside and inside the car are the same. You then direct the fans at the steering wheel to cool it down so you can at least start driving. It is utter misery but bless the inventor of A/Cs or I wouldn't be here.

However this summer is actually bearable. When the days are humid the thermostat reads about 37 Celsius. Then I'm not sure which is worse, the humidity or the dry heat. However the past weeks since we've been back it's been ok. Still above 30s but at least I can go outside with my son after 3pm so he can ride his bike and play in the garden. I'll happily take this mild summer over the freezing winter.


Mariaoelosalio said…
good to know you are well lovey - you have been missing from FB heaps... Still need to email you and nets soon! alofa atu

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