Post-Baby 2

Obviously the new baby has kept me blissfully busy that I haven't blogged since baby's birth! But here I am again. Baby's now sleeping up to 7 hours at night and I love it and now I'm pushing my luck for I am still awake at 11pm when I should be snoozing to get enough beauty sleep. Which brings me to that vain I am yes who isn't? right? Har!
So baby's now 7 weeks and my uterus has just about shrunk back to it's pre-baby size according to the doctor and yes the tummy is still flabby but well that too will shrink(I pray:p) When my 4 year old sees my tummy he asks, mummy when will your belly button be like mine again? So unfortunately he's my judge now and well until he decides mine is like his then I guess it's all good...haha 
Yes it's nice to finally be back to normal again...well almost I can't do strenuous exercise until much later according to my doctor. So until then I will try and start little and eat well...(inshallah)

Big Brother
Four year old son has been such a wonderful big brother to baby. He adores his brother and says the sweetest things. I kid you not, I've heard and read about jealous siblings and so we prepared Tau well before baby was born with positive comments about the baby and how he would be the big brother and that he must help and protect him especially while he's little and I guess it worked. When baby's crying and I'm busy Tau would go to the cot and sing him in an endless made up lullaby...such as "you shouldn't cry baby brother, I'm here to protect you... mummy will be here soon" Tau is so adoring of his brother that it just makes my heart swell. In the morning he asks to have his cuddle time and hello time with 'baby brother'. After kindy he comes home and wants to hold him and kiss him. The 'hold'(while he sits on the couch) lasts about 10 seconds and well I couldn't ask for more. He's protective to the point where he doesn't want his friends to kiss or rock the baby in his rocker...because it's his job as a big brother. So there we go big brother has nothing but Big Love for our newcomer.


Goddess said…
aaawww, that is so so adorable tauilagi! Manu is totally safe with tau being the protector!! and no rush on the losing tummy part, that will happen too. i love these updates~~!!
Betty said…
Big brother love just made my heart smile :)))

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