Ma'ima'ia & the week-end

OK I'm so over being sick now. I've been sick on and off for a month now. Last week I went to the doctor and he prescribed more antibiotics when I was just on another course from Samoa. And because I'm a doctor in my head I decided it was all a scam and didn't get the antibiotics but only the cough medicine and paracetamol! Like I didn't have enough of that at home. I was ok by the week-end when it was time to pick up our guests and take 'em out to dinner clubbing  that night. The next day was the usual recovery day and by evening all was well with the world.
It's really cold here at the moment and I think this is where the problem lies. I tend to catch a cold fast when I get chilled...*gasps dramatically* reminds me of those characters in Jane Eyre books who 'catch their death' outside. Well I think the sooner I realise I'm a real life 'sensitive lady' the lesser I get sick. So since yesterday I'm dressing like I live in Italy. Jeans, warm top, jacket, socks and warm boots topped off by my warm woolen scarf! I used to laugh at people who dressed like that around here but now I'm probably being laughed at but I don't care! Today I stayed in my pyjamas all day with my poor son who is also not at top form. So I'm focusing on fully balance meals, meds and drinking lots of water. I believe in the goodness of my beloved coconut so have been ordering them a few at a time from the nearby local cafe that sells them straight from Salalah, and baby coconuts too to help with the healing process! "Your body is a temple"...yadayada so I'm going to try and abide by this a little more and look after this body.
On a sad note, a close uncle of mine passed away two days ago. Though he was sick on and off it was a shock to hear of his death at 60. I saw him at Christmas and I'm still in shock he's gone!!! 
High note: my old classmate(SamCo) and his lovely wife(I met her at the Hong Kong 7s in 07) came for the week-end from Dubai for a visit. We had an awesome week-end of relaxing and driving them around to see a bit of Muscat. We managed to take them to Nizwa also to see the beautiful fort there and to see the hills of Oman on the way there. Classic fob style as we approached Nizwa we noticed an huge new mall complex that wasn't there before. At one end was a Luly Hypermarket and the other was a gigantic KFC sign. After seeing the fort and the markets we all decided it was KFC time lol. Funny thing about these fast food places is they taste the same tasty artery clogging goodness, no matter where you are.(the body being a temple method kicked in a day after the KFC) After our chow down we drove back to Muscat and relaxed until bedtime! 


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