Life in Muscat

I've been scouring the papers looking for a good priced villa for us to move to. We currently live in a two bedroom apartment complex which is really nice but feel we need more room for our little son to run around in. I've found one within our budget and am happy with it. It's now a waiting game to see how long it takes for our sponsor company to sort it out and if the landlord is happy with our offer. I'll just hope for the best.

Spa break
Last week-end hubby dearest booked us in a spa resort out of town for the night. It was such a lovely break from town. Beautiful green gardens and grounds. The hotel was spread out and used bikes and carts for people to get around on. It was very nice. I got a deep tissue massage which was so good I didn't want it to end! The pool was big and one side was very shallow that my son enjoyed immensely and it was easy to enjoy as he did his thing and we were just nearby to make sure he was safe. Later we went and played pool at the games room while the bar man was happy to play with Tau!! The staff were superb and the rooms were huge. We'll definitely go back there when we can!! It was fantastic and truly relaxing.

Parental abuse
I was quite concerned when I saw my sister's blog dishing it out to our PM a few days ago. So I called her up to enlighten me on the situation and was pointed to the Samoa Observer website that published our Prime Minister's letter addressed to my Mom who is President of SUNGO which stands for Samoa Umbrella of Non-Governmental Organistations and the CEO of SUNGO Mrs Roina Vavatau. The letter was almost hilarious in it's childish accusations that it's hard to believe that the writer is the man that is leading our poor country. He was accusing my beloved mom and the CEO of SUNGO of self-promotion using SUNGO and saying that this is the first time SUNGO is not working with the govt. I'm not sure where in the NON-governmental organisation he missed the point! The current building that SUNGO operates out of was given to them by the goverment to use. Well as one reader pointed out it's paid by the tax-payers who are also represented by SUNGO in many ways. I was alarmed by the vicious letter but also digusted at the nature of this man that leads our country. In the letter the PM said to SUNGO that the building was given to them by the government so they should keep up the good relations. So the PM thought that giving SUNGO a building would ensure their silence and cooperation! He shoots people down like no one has a right to say anything to him and his government. Well I'm comfortable in the knowledge that my Mom stands for the rights of the people that the govermnent prefers to turn a deaf ear to.
I just did my own digging and it seems like SUNGO has been hindering the PM's plans for awhile now when SUNGO were the ones that stood strong against the switching of the road, that were against the land bill that will allow foreigners to buy Samoan lands. And the latest is the Samoan Americans sent lots of goods to help the villages that suffered from the tsunami and these organisations decided to go through SUNGO to ensure the quick distribution of the goods to those in need and avoid the bureaucracy these things go through if sent to the government.
I spoke to my Mom recently and as expected she's undeterred by the PM's words to them. They're doing their jobs by the people and nothing the PM does or says will stop them. SUNGO haven't been the only ones on the receiving end as the media have also been on the receiving end of these accusations. The PM wants to control the media so that they don't report negative things about the government. Sadly he is acting like a dictator. There is no opposition party at the moment and the ministers that tried to form an opposition party were almost forced out of government, and each time, the government draft a new bill to protect themselves who are in power. Well it will come back to bite them soon enough.


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