Ia ua lelei

We got up eeeaaaarrrly this morning, more like sonny_boy woke up at 6.23am(I looked at the clock) as he does every morning came into my room and woke me up. Normally I pull him on the bed and he rolls around and plays on the bed while I squeeze in another short snooze but lately Mr. Bossy hits my arm and pulls my hair and makes funny sounds and pointing to the kitchen. He also tries to say susu(milk) in the process. So not unlike a dragon I rise up with steam coming out of my nostrils, hair all over and puffy eyes(not going to bed early enough) I proceed to stomp to the kitchen as I'm still half asleep and it's too much effort to lift my legs, I realize sonny dearest is screaming from the bed for me to bring him along. Sometimes I run as fast as my little legs can take me to the kitchen to fix his bottle but others I give in and pick him up and bring him to the kitchen where he waits impatiently and watches me like a hawk as I prepare his milk. When I try to take him back to my bedroom to have his milk so I can snooze again he does a little twist in my arms and points to the lounge...This means "mommy it's wake up time, not bed time" So he wins as he's right and we come into the lounge where he has his milk and then starts playing with his toys. This morning I made us breakfast then got ready to go to the beach by 8am. We went with a friend here on the compound who also has a little boy two months older than my son. We made it to the beach and it was a fabulous morning. Did I mention I was really tired and just wanted to be back in bed really. Anyway we got the mats out and then the kids proceeded to play on the beach. Tau had a ball using his truck spade and things. Then both boys got into wandering mode and that was the end of any relaxation as we chased the two kids along the beach. They had a great time running along the beach. It's too cold to swim(I didn't even attempt to) but little Tau_man gets quite brave and proceeds to walk towards the ocean which sent shivers down my spine not only due to the chill in the water but fear of him being engulfed by some freak wave!! Anyway he just likes to test my blood pressure by running towards the sea then at the last second he turns around laughs and runs back towards the shore. Cheeky little monkey he is.
After the beach my friend said that we should go have breakfast at Archies on the beach front which was on the same beach we were at. We'd had breakie already but I didn't mind a cup of tea while they had theirs. So we're all in the car and I drove out of where we were towards the restaurant, it's now a real effort for me as I'm just really tired. As I drive out my friend(whose English is very challenging a lot of the time) says to me oh the restaurant is not here! So I hop out and made sure my son's seat was secure as I had originally thought we were just going to park by the cafe. So I strap sonny_boy in properly and proceed to where-ever we were going and then she pipes up again and said that the restaurant was back where we'd just come from!!! Imagine my blood boiling at this point and felt like yelling at this woman to be f*&^ing exact! Anyway the restaurant was D'Arcy's but she pronounced it Archies! like wtf!!! Talk about lost in translation. So the rest of the morning was me trying to keep Tau on my lap and play nice until we went home!
Sonny_boy fell asleep in the car on the way home so I was rejoicing as I would get a snooze as well. I brought him upstairs and put him in bed and he wakes up ready to go! So sleeping went out the window as we made our way to play group. Caught up with some friends there and some other ladies I hardly see came along with their carrots up their behinds as well.
Needless to say Tau had fun. The sitter came later and watched him while I went to my gym class. I've taken up pilates and it's been great. I feel a lot better and it's good to do something about the weight gain that's been creeping up on me! So the class started off with just me and then the other brash friend came along. So the new instructor is not the greatest as she likes to do dance moves which we think just doesn't do it for us, exercise wise! Anyway we were doing some kicking thing and I sort of lost sync with the music and I started laughing. The instructor saw this and was laughing with me and the next thing I knew the other patron(friend) was half shouting at the instructor with a look that could kill saying "what's the problem?"!!!
I was shocked at the woman's outburst but wasn't happy when I saw the instructor's look of horror. I felt sorry for the instructor as they don't earn much and if the patrons aren't happy and say something to the boss it might jeopardize their work. So after a few laps I reassured my mate and told her to calm down the instructor only laughed cos I laughed and it was me she was laughing with/at and not her. The poor woman is quite uncoordinated and normally doesn't care but I guess today she just wasn't having a good day and thought we were laughing at her. I cracked a few jokes during the session and at the end all was well and the two were in okay terms. Good thing diplomatic relations rep was there to fix things ha! Ok I better go to bed now and get a GOOD night's SLEEP.


That Keo Nets said…
oi, ua lava ga scrabble ae alu e faapipii ou mata lol
get some sleep woman!!!!

...awww, get the sitter top come in earlier heheh

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