Happy Birthday Alex & Isaac

I'd like to wish my twin nephews Alex and Isaac in California a very Happy Birthday and Many Many More to come in the future. Thinking of you guys always. Lots of love from your Samoan family in Oman.
It's my nephews birthday and wish we were all together to celebrate. I've met my darling nephews once when they were like two years old. They were soooo cute and now they're handsome young men. I always wished they could go to Samoa to visit our family but the circumstances don't allow it at the moment. I'm sure when they come of age they will be able to:) Isaac and Alex if you're reading this, we wish you both all the best and reach for the stars. Nothing is unreachable if you put your mind to it. Thinking of you always and lots of love from your Samoan family all over the globe. xxx


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