Samoan alert in Oman!!!

Two weeks ago I decided to be gung-ho and go out there and meet more people to make life more interesting. I met up with Molly again at play group and both were interested in beach walks so we went for our first walk on the beach two weeks ago and when I got there there was another woman with her baby in tow ready for the walk. So there were three of us with our little ones in tow all ready to face the sun rise on the lovely Shatti beach. So off we went. Nice quick steps and quicker with the chin as we chatted away. So the lady I'd just met asked my nationality and I said Samoan. We talked about NZ and she mentioned that she lived there for three years and her husband was from there. She asked if there were other Samoans here and I said not that I knew off. The only other one I knew left earlier in the year. Anyway as we kept walking and they mentioned a mutual friend of theirs and then Jane exclaimed that she's married to a Samoan!!! Imagine my excitement to discover that there's another Samoan in town! So this week Molly informed me that she'd arranged a coffee meeting with Samoan guy's wife on Sunday so I'd meet her first before we can all meet up with the husbands. So I can't wait to meet her this week-end.
Anyway I went around to Molly's house for a play date and she mentioned that another friend Erika has said that her husband worked with a Samoan and they immediately thought of me so they'll hook us up some time soon!!! So exciting.


hmmm, i wanna move to Muscat so I can be that excited about encountering another Samoan!
good that ur meeting them soon!

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