New look & Eid Mubarak

Somebody help me change the look of page already. It's so ancient it's depressing. I mean it was nice for awhile but now I think it's time to move on. Until I make time to discover how to widen it and add another background it will stay this way for now. I will have to beg another blogger out there to help me out here.

It's Eid again here in Oman and wow everyone is in relaxing mode. So if one didn't get pressing office related work done then hold your horses until after Eid. Oman is having a whole week off for Eid which is great for a lot of people. I just love it because the roads are empty and one can drive with ease rather than the usual highly stressful maneuvers one has to dodge or do to avoid getting bumped!
Which reminds me...
when I first got back to Oman in September and I was driving along the desert road towards the other side of town; I was hit with this nostalgic feeling of being back. And I thought how nice it is to be back as I sped along the desert road all open and liberating in a way. I was tugged back to reality when I realized there was a car tailgating me at such a close distance that I could only see half of it! And I thought: Welcome back to Oman:) open roads, crazy drivers and all!

This morning after breakfast my son sat in front of the TV which was turned off and pointed to the TV and kept saying daboon or something that sounded like that. He was determined as he kept gesturing to me and to the TV and saying this word over and over. I finally understood he meant CARTOONS!!! I was so happy that he could say a new word or at least try but not so proud of the fact that he wanted to watch cartoons instead of playing with his toys! That's it when we return from the Christmas holidays Master Tau will go to nursery to play with his age group and learn(for the life of me I can't think of the word I want to use instead of learn) crafts and more useful things. I feel he is bored and I don't do enough to (here's the word) STIMULATE his growing brain:)
Off to bed to get my beauty sleep or at least so I can look human in the morning:)


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