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Okay so I was a bit too excited last week about the Samoan in town. I went along to meet Mr Samoa guy's wife and ummm don't know if it was me but there was no enthusiasm there. Ok the guy is from NZ and half Samoan moved to the UK and married a lady there. So the lady pretty much summed him by saying he just happens to be Samoan. That's okay I know a lot of Samoans/palagi with identity issues ha! Anyway not fair I haven't met the Samoan dude. I met the gate keeper instead who prefers to keep things the way they are it seemed. choo hooo. Need I say more it was not a warm meeting and we didn't exchange numbers and I didn't even feel like asking for her numbers as we were just NOT gelling(is that a word). So bye to any prospective Samoan toonai soon lol. My other friend checked out the other supposed Samoan that worked with her husband and it turned out that they're from Papua New Guinea! I still asked for their numbers so they can join our Pacific Island community if they want some Pacific vibes in Oman.

Hubby dearest said the other night that he was going out to the local rugby club for a few. I didn't mind as I'd be on scrabble or read my book anyway. 5 seconds later I changed my mind because I hadn't been out in a while so I called our darling baby sitter and decided to crash the boys party ha! Funny thing, I was like a little kid I was so excited when we were just going to the good ol' boring rugby club!!! There were lots of rugby games on that night. NZ vs England and then Samoan played France later. I ate dinner earlier in the evening and by the time we went out my tummy was empty and a few drinks later I don't even remember seeing the ONE try Samoan scored against France 40 something points! Anyway as we do in Samoa we say "well at least they crossed the try line" ha ha! So there's always a positive. But I wasn't feeling positive when I woke up in the morning. I was so hungover and felt awful yesterday. Anyway today is a new day and hopefully I won't be doing that again any time soon. bahaha! Ce la vie!

My beautiful boy is a star. This is my blog so I'm going to brag about my son as much as I like. He's very active and knows what he wants. Lately he comes over and grabs my hand or his daddy's to pull us down to the floor to play games with him. It's just too cute. He likes one of us to roll on the floor with him and he has this habit of jumping on me which hurts like heck but he seems to think it's funny!!! He also knows to point to the fridge where his drinks and yogurt are and he points to what he wants. He's quite bossy I must say. He's starting to fend for himself though still not fast enough when his bestie who's 6 months older pushes him to the ground and tries to ride on his back. I get so pissed off when I see this so I've become more pro-active and actually tell the other child to stop it or no hitting if the parent won't. At first I almost taught my son how to push or fight back and then luckily I had an epiphany(big word just wanted to use it) that I'd be teaching him violence. He'll learn to deal with that sort of situation in his own way which he is already. He tries to get away or just pulls his hand away. The thing is it won't be long before he can give as much as he gets so I don't want to encourage any violence in my little gentle boy.
He loves to talk on the phone, when he sees me on the phone he wants to talk on it too which he does quite well. He walks around with the phone like he's all grown up. Very cute. He loves to blow kisses to his nana when we skype and today he got so enthusiastic with his bye byes he was marching real fast with hands in the air. It was just comical I was laughing so hard. Lately he discovered he can climb on the back of the couch and tries to stand up there too which just about gives me a heart attack. He loves balls, he throws and kicks 'em. He's been learning to pass and scrum with his dad using the rugby ball. He loves the tackling thing and driving daddy meaning his holding on to hubby's legs. So cute. When one of us reprimands him for doing something naughty like playing with the wall socket he then ignores the disciplinarian for a while. He likes to go outside and push his big tonka truck around.
We're off to New Zealand in 3 weeks and I can't wait. I hope Mommy dearest can make it over for Christmas.


awww, that is jjjust so cute, we can't wait to see our boy...he sounds all grown up and tama matua!!!

as for the samoan meeting, sounds like the samoan guy did the dirty for the wife to not trust samoans hahahah
That Keo Nets said…
:( what a shame about that almost Samoan encounter!

I can't wait to see all of these developments in Tau, he sounds like such a little character already :)

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