2008 ends

And here we are at the end of another year. This year we welcomed our little gift from God into our family our son Tauilagi. He's now over six months old and growing. He's first tooth is just coming through. I can see it but it's yet to break through. We're weaning him onto the bottle now. He's been on solids for almost 2 months now and meal times are fun at the moment.
Hubby's folks, niece and nephew are here from New Zealand so we're having a lovely time having them here. Tau is spending a lot of time with his nana and I welcome the freedom at the moment. OK I must admit I'm enjoying it a tad too much but the grandparents are also enjoying the time with their grandchild whom they don't see too much of.
We had a lovely Christmas with our friends here. Christmas was a bit too quiet for my liking. Next time I will be better prepared and have much more of a hoo hah than what we had this time. Nevertheless it was okay.
After Christmas we drove to Sur with the family through the As Suwayr wadi. Had a bbq by the wadi while the kids went for a swim. We then continued onto Sur where we camped at Al Nazeem and went to see the turtles in the evening on Ras Al Hadd beach. Our host Ali at the camp was a friendly guy and made the stay very pleasant for the kids. We had a nice time kicking the ball around the camp site. The food was great as they made lamb in the schua (Omani umu) it was yummy. The next day we drove through Sur to the dhow building site and then onto the Sharqiya in the Wahiba Sands. We stopped in at Wadi Bani Khalid...now that was something else. It was many pools of clear water. We climbed in further and swam at the top pools. It wasn't too cold. It was fantastic. I couldn't resist it I jumped in with everything I had on.
Afterwards we drove to the Al Raha Camp. It gets rough when we drive into the camp and funny enough Tau started his sleeping song and went to sleep in the midst of the rough ride. When we got to the camp he was fast asleep it was hilarious. After checking in we drove to the top of the dune watched the sunset from there and bbqed our steak there. Tau enjoyed the breeze and playing on the sand. There I noticed Tau's first tooth breaking through. We had a fabulous time. We drove home had tea and enjoyed the local music at the camp. It was entertaining but we were too tired so we went to bed early.
Us three with the sun setting behind us at Wahiba sands.

Tauilagi of Arabia

Grace enjoying the dunes.

Caleb collecting wood for the fire to cook our food.

Tau with his nana


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