The weekend

We start off our Fridays with our family tradition of Pancake Friday coined by Master 6. After the flavour of the pancakes wears off, the whinging begins wanting to go to his friends house for a playdate...well to his best friend's house who are more like family to us so he wants to visit our friends to play with his bestie. So awhile back I explained that Friday is also Family Friday(it's Sunday in other countries) as in it's for families to spend time together and with each other. Thank goodness for that he now understands that there are no playdates that day unless he's lucky and we happen to plan stuff together with the rest of the gang here. 
So the whinging for playdates is now pushed back to Saturday morning heh heh. I don't mind playdates and I encourage it as long as they're playing outside and with toys. Since the other parents have similar rules of no electronics during the week, our kids end up playing outside and all sorts of other games and it really minimises the screen watching. So weekends we fill with parks, the beach, riding scooters, bikes,,,yada yada. So while they're running wild, I sometimes go on my electronic device...hypocritical much? 
Shhh, when you hold a job and pay your own bills then you can use electronics however and whereever you please...choo hoo I sound like my mother. 


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