Telesa: The Covenant Keeper

My humble review of this amazing fantasy story by Lani Wendt-Young: A captivating read, a page turner. Lani Wendt-Young takes you on a ride following Leila’s journey to the small islands of Samoa from Washington DC to learn about her mother. What she discovers is beyond her expectations. The heroine’s experience is so real thanks to the author’s mastery with words that you are truly immersed in Leila’s supernatural world at times and her emotional quest to find her true self in the midst of her extraordinary findings. It couldn’t have been set in a more suitable place than that of the superstitious and exotic islands of Samoa. The amalgamation of the legendary Samoan myth into a modern day setting is nothing short of brilliance, a credit to the author’s true talent. Suitable for all ages. A must read. You can buy an online copy on smashwords or on amazon Try and buy it on amazon if you can to make this book the first Samoan written and based book to make the Amazon top 100. The hard copy will be launched in Samoa in October. Happy reading and thank you to the author for such an amazing book that will not only inspire young Samoans to reach their potential but teaching our youngsters the important lesson that when you put your mind to it you can do anything whether you live in Samoa or abroad. Fa'afetai lava and GO the Manu for tomorrow.


Thank you so much for the TELESA book love and generous support! I know that with everyone's help in getting the word out there, we can take Samoan fiction to the Amazon Top 100 bestseller list. (fingers crossed)
Malelega said…
You're welcome. Well worth the love I tell ya. I just hope my review does your book the justice it deserves. Oh and it will reach the Amazon top 100 because YOU CAN:) some positivity won't hurt...

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