And finally the Go The Manu video has been released to the supporters after according to the admins of the Go The Manu facebook page the Manu Samoa watched it a few hours ago before their first game against Namibia. All the best tomorrow Manu Samoa. Which brings me to the supporters, especially those so close to the rugby players. Watching some of the games this week just reveals once again how BRUTAL the sport of rugby is. One thing I have to say is that I do not envy the mothers, wives, kids, girlfriends/boyfriends and sisters of those players as they watch their men getting tackled and physically re-arranged on the rugby battle field. I saw one Italian who got tackled a few days ago and for a few seconds he did not move! And my heart went out to his family thinking omg his mum or wife must be on the edge of her seat then. On that note I wish the families and almost families of the rugby players peace/to'a in supporting their loved ones as they go onto the battle ground for the love of their country, at least that's how it is with the Samoan players. GO MANU. Manuia le tapuaiga to all Samoans across the globe for at these moments those boys are all our brothers.


TMT said…
Malo Le Tapua'i!! Beautifully Played today! Long live the Manu Samoa and Go The Manu Spirit! Beautiful Video - Well Done to Sita and Crew!!
That is such an excellent point - I felt sorry for the Namibia team yesterday with all the brutality that was going on on that field. I am SO glad that my husband and my son DONT play rugby. ouch
Malelega said…
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