Baby Shower Feb

Had a baby shower at Millie's house in MQ. It was really nice and lots of friends showed. Just relaxing drinking tea and ate heaps. Darling dearest Alex made lots of snacks for us which was awesome. Thanks to all the friends that came. Baby got lots of cute presents from everyone which was so sweet.
Lize and I

The ladies: Jackie, Nicole, Talei, Millie, Annette, front: self, Yai and Lize

Again but with Dani

Last picture with Lize before she flew to Melbourne, Aussie the next day for university.

Later at Beatrix's and Kofi's house:
Alex and Linus.

Gina & Millie

Beatrix, Kofi and friend enjoying the music.

Us... testing the strength of Alex's legs with the growing bump lol


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