Abu Dhabi

Last week we went up to Abu Dhabi to see friends Finian and Heather and son Ronan who have just moved there about seven months ago. We stayed for three days and had a fabulous time there. Heather is also pregnant due in 2 weeks now. It was nice for Alex to catch up with them since it's been awhile. We had a bbq and met their other friends that live in the same area and as we the pregnant women waddled on to bed the boys kept the lamps burning till 5 in the morning. Our friend Nick who works for Etihad also came which was awesome. Finian and Heather took us for a ride downtown Abu Dhabi. It was our first time and wow I was taken aback by the cosiness of the city. I thought it was quite nice. Most of the buildings were at a certain height which was about 15 floors and they lined both sides of the streets. For some reason it had a cosy effect to it as they were'nt too tall and far apart. I think some planning went into that city. We also drove through the palace hotel with it's majestic gardens. Abu Dhabi holds it's own against the other cities of the Middle East I thought.

Alex and Nick getting into it.

Right into it now. Left-Right: Tim, Finian, Alex and Nick

Self enjoying the drunks and their stories.

Alex, Nick and self with fake smile- that's because the stories were being repeated and I was getting bored lol. So I went to bed.


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