We're leaving on a Jet Plane.

Tomorrow nite we head out to Seeb Airport and hop on Thai Airways to make our way to New Zealand. My brother-inlaw and niece will meet us at the airport. I can't wait to see them all. We finally got our flight tickets yesterday and have yet to get our hotel vouchers for our transit in Bangkok. I must say my patience has been worn thin time and time again lately in this country. I think it's really due time to get out for a bit before coming back. Everything takes AGES to get done. We have to remind agents or whoever over and over to do something before they get around to doing it. Never mind that time is ticking. When you try to tell them what the problem is they go around and round in circles until you feel like you're seeing stars. However to be fair I'm sure it's like this to some respect in many countries.
Last night as I was trying to complete one of my applications to NZ. I asked my friend in NZ to call the intended office in NZ to confirm something for me before I send through the application. The reply we got was something totally unrelated or the person just pulled an answer from the air just so to give and answer. Never mind that it was not correct NOR relevant to the subject at hand. Incompetence is something that really bugs me.
The traffic here has gotten worse and worse...the way people drive here is just beyond me. People DO NOT use their indicators. They seems to think they're just there for show and not to be used. It is just appalling. People just turn without indicating so you can just imagine how scary the round-abouts are where the indicators are king in providing the directions of other cars. I just DO NOT understand how people can just drive like so and think that it's ok. I beginning to believe that a lot of people do not really VALUE their LIVES and others'. The way they overtake other cars on two-way streets with on-coming traffic or just drive at break neck speed and then swerve around others like they're in a rally race! I will NEVER understand this mentality NOR will I try just to keep my own sanity.
This week we've been busy seeing friends to say see-ya-later before we head off. Yesterday we found some pisupos(corned beef) in our cupboards along with some canned luaus(taro leaves with coconut cream) and decided to have a big cook up with our friends of Samoan food.
I remembered a favourite dish that was always done at home on Sundays of a whole pumpkin cleaned out and stuffed with pisupo and onions and then baked in the umu(earthen oven). So Alex prepared it and baked it in the Weber bbq that we have. We also baked some luau with extra coconut cream. Our friends boiled some bananas and tapioca and Alex also roasted chicken with beer cans and fish...needless to say what a scrumptious meal we had yesterday. It was just yummy and I can't believe we didn't think of it earlier. Speaking of which the Weber bbq we have is one of the best buys we came across. It works like a umu when roasting or baking food in it.
It's now getting hot here. It was 37C degrees today. Quite hot but still nice in the shade of the trees! Sad to say but I'm looking forward to winter now as I think it's more bearable being pregnant than the heat.


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