Royal Wedding

Friday: 11.30 am Muscat time: I've just tuned into the royal wedding coverage on BBC Entertainment and I've already been using tissues thanks to replays of footage of Lady Di and Prince William growing up along with a replay of Kate M's childhood play where they depicted a "William" proposing to her and she said 'yes'... How very romantically coincidental. OMG I'm a victim of the Royal Wedding excitement and looks like my day's booked out. I'm sorry about Alex and his Hurricanes game. Looks like it's recording time for a replay later:)
The Abbey has Maple trees in it that they say in Victorian times depicts Humility and Modesty which they say were Kate's touch:) love it. Can't wait to see Kate M's dress and I wonder if they chose a British designer to make her dress. I would bet on Stella McCartney but then Vera Wang is the famed wedding dress from my limited fashion knowledge. I'm sure Kate M must have received offers from all the big guns for the big day. How exciting. OK off I go to see some more:)
3.44pm what an amazing wedding. So beautiful and the Duchess of Cambridge looked amazing and what a stunning dress befitting the occasion. What fun.


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