When Tau's nana visited recently she baked up a storm. I especially like the afghans she made and thought I should give it a try so I can make it whenever I wanted to. I looked it up on the internet and found the simple recipe for it and checked and had all the ingredients thanks to Tau's nana's baking spree. So I mixed and sifted with help from my 2 year old and popped them in the oven with a prayer. As I was putting the stuff away I moved the sugar to a jar with no label and was making a point to hubby that that was the caster sugar in case he came across it. And he said no that's brown sugar.. I looked in the bin to confirm and sure enough it was blimin brown sugar and the recipe had said CASTER sugar. Just when I thought I couldn't go wrong with such a simple recipe bahaha. hopeless much. Well 12 minutes later I took out afghan looking cookies and put the icing on them topped with walnuts and walaa. Well they must have been good because my darling number 1 fan and chocoholic was munching on them and wanted another. And number 2 fan gave some grunts of approval while eating them so yay to a succesful baking trial:)


Teine O Le Motu said…
Those afghans look bloody good. Tau the lucky boy! I'm googling recipes right now. I usually buy them from Michelles at yummy but sooo exbenzeev lol. So will try it tonite...fangs for the idea.

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