Back to Oman!

Once again, I said goodbye to Mom at Auckland airport and of course like that of a wadi after heavy rains, tears were gushing forth as I waved goodbye. I walked away quickly so that it wasn't so obvious though when I reached the bathrooms after security checks I was horrified that my face was all red and eyes puffed up already. So I detoured again into a cubicle to cry all my tears out before putting on the good ol' shades and walked out feeling as if the whole world had just seen me cry and what a shame! Doesn't hurt to cry now and then though! Just weeks earlier we had a similar farewell with Alex parents in Wellington. Funny how we still feel like kids when we go home to see our parents.
My trip was great, filled with laughter with family, friends and of course sisterly bickering that only sisters experience that is forgotten after the last word. I'm still jet lagged after the long flights and my brain is very slow right now. So I'll call it quits for now and write more later.


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