How many is too many?

I was so shocked when I saw the news about the woman who had octuplets by in vitro fertilization and on top of that already has six children. I saw her interview where she said she wanted to have lots of children because she was a lonely child. How is having fourteen kids an answer to a lonely childhood? How is she going to raise all of them financially, physically and emotionally? She said that she's not on welfare. It came out that her three older children receive disability payments from the government and she gets US$490.00 worth of food stamps a month from the State. So I'm not sure what she calls those if not welfare. There are so many questions about this case. How is she going to feed and look after all of them? Did she think about how she's going to have time for all of them? I really wanted to hear what her parents had to say and saw that her mother, the octuplets grandma was interviewed on and there's the true story if you ask me. The grandma is exhausted and talks about her daughter's choice as 'unconscionable'. She said she was tired of looking after the other six children as they all live with them. Obviously the octuplet mom has counted in her parents as part of the grand plan to look after her 14 children. In my opinion she's been very selfish with her choices. But well with all the publicity surrounding her family I'm sure there'll be lots of offers and freebies for her family which sure will help raise her many children. I just hope she uses whatever she gets for the welfare of her current kids and not on more IVFs!!!


kuaback said…
she's a selfish attention seeker wrapped in a moron

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